Read the latest news regarding our upcoming auctions here. (last update: 04/10/2022)

Dear Customer,

An auction takes place every month on the first day of the month.

We didn't just want to set up an auction, but integrate everything completely into our website. For example, it is possible to bid on items at the auction and to be able to pay for the won items together with your purchases in our webshop or your current new-issue subscriptions via your shopping cart and so have everything sent together. The auction offers will all be viewable together if you click on 'auction' in the filter on the left side, but individual auction items will also be visible if you search for a country or by theme via our website.

In the auctions we will offer different pieces than what you will find in our webshop. One can then think of; Errors and misprints, Proofs, Imperforated stamps, Personal stamps, Postal history, Covers, Special cancellations, Small collections, Blocks of four and sheetlets, Special Maximum Cards and FDCs, Unique Classic stamps, Cinderellas, Fiscal stamps, Philatelic souvenirs, Special thematic objects or collections, Specimens, Coin covers, Rare items, etc.

All items start with a low bet price. The stake is also the limit price, there are no reserves. Certainly in our first auctions there will therefore certainly be bargains to be had! All auctions end on the first day of the month. All items are individually scanned or photographed.

Kind regards,

Ella Tijhuis, general manager
Rob Smit, philatelic & financial manager

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Auction Sales Conditions

  1. Everyone is expected to buy for himself. Bids are binding and only possible online. Sale takes place without commission. Bidding is only possible if registered and logged in (registration is easy and free of charge via our website).

  2. A bid is binding. It is not possible to cancel a bid. Please consider this before placing a bid.

  3. The time (in CET, Central European Time) at which the auction ends is indicated for each item. The highest bidder at that time is the buyer. In case of equal bids, the first bid made is valid. PostBeeld is not responsible for failed online bids. Won lots are placed in the shopping cart of the buyer after the auction.

  4. Shopping cart checkout of items purchased at the auction must take place within 8 days after the end of the auction by means of payment via the website. The buyer has the option to have the purchase and shipment take place together with purchases via the web store. The buyer can choose the shipping method and the associated risk as well as the payment method. Shipping costs are always extra.

  5. The right of ownership of the purchased item is transferred to the buyer upon payment. PostBeeld reserves the right to exclude buyers who do not pay within 8 days from purchasing at future auctions and to offer the purchased items for sale again.

  6. Auctions always take place on the 1st day of the month from 14:00 CET. Bids are possible from the 16th of the previous month, but lots are already visible on the website earlier. PostBeeld reserves the right to withdraw a lot before the end of the auction, whereby all bids on the relevant lot will expire.

  7. Descriptions are drawn up with the best of knowledge.
    The dates mentioned are sometimes estimates (particularly for uncatalogued items such as personal stamps, cinderellas, etc.) or for a lot containing several stamps from different years. With later issued varieties, it is possible that the year of the originally published stamp is stated.
    Quality conditions for lots with multiple stamps may refer to the most common or the highest represented value. For lots with multiple conditions, this is usually indicated in the description with characters. For example with **/*/o = MNH/unused/used.
    Return of lots is only possible if the description or the image clearly shows something different from the lots received. Complaints regarding shortcomings with regard to perforation, centering, etc. will not be processed if they are visible on the image. Quality deviations may occur in collections or lots where not all stamps are fully depicted. These do not constitute a valid reason for return.

  8. The minimum bidding steps are as follows:
    up to €4.99, a minimum bid step of €0.25
    from €5.00 to €24.99, a minimum bid step of €0.50
    from €25.00 to €99.99, a minimum bid step of €1.00
    from €100.00 to €249.99, a minimum bid step of €2.50
    from €250.00 to €499.99, a minimum bid step of €5.00
    from €500.00 to €999.99 a minimum bid step of €10.00
    from €1000.00 to €2499.99, a minimum bid step of €25.00
    from €2500.00 to €4999.99, a minimum bid step of €50.00
    from €5000.00 to €10000.00, a minimum bid step of €100.00
    There is no sale below the start price. There will be no after-sales of unsold lots.

  9. There is an automatic bidding system that works with the above steps. For example, the betting price is €2.00, you make a bid of €2.50, then the bid price becomes €2.00 (because you are the first bidder and there are no counter bidders yet). Suppose another buyer then makes a bid of €4.00, then the bid price becomes €2.75 (i.e. your maximum bid + the minimum bid increment of €0.25. If no other bids have been received at the end of the auction, in this case, the other buyer bought the lot for €2.75 (even though he made an offer of €4.00). The bid price does not always have to go up exactly with the bidding increments. Example: Buyer 1 bids €2.50. Suppose you then bid €4.10, then the visible bid price becomes €2.75 (=highest bid + minimum bid step of €0.25). Only you can see how much you have bid as a limit. Buyer 3 bids €4.00. In this case, the bid price becomes €4.10 for you because you already made the bid of €4.10 when the price was lower (at € 2.50) and therefore reached the minimum bid step at that time. If someone would still like to bid, a minimum bid of €4.35 is required (current price of €4.10 + minimum bid step of €0.25). If that does not happen, in this case you are the buyer for €4.10.

  10. In principle, lots can only be viewed online. By appointment it is possible to view lots with a starting price higher than €50 at our office in Haarlem.

  11. Submissions. We are often asked whether it is also possible to offer items for auction. Due to the special nature of our auctions, entries are only possible if the lots are delivered under strict conditions. The conditions are that it only concerns pieces that are not for sale in our webshop and no large lots or collections are auctioned at once. If you think that your submission meets these conditions or if you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to sell items that we also offer in our webshop, please use our shopping list that can be found at the bottom of this page.

  12. For auction items, the total weight of your purchases is not taken into account at checkout. If the total weight is more than 250 grams, we are forced to charge additional shipping costs after placing your order.
  13. Apart from the above specific (prevailing) auction conditions, the general delivery conditions of PostBeeld BV apply.