Freemasonry, or Maçonnerie, is an internationally widespread and structured regional brotherhood of people who seek spiritual and moral uplift, mutual appreciation and mutual aid. The members are Freemasons, or Masons (franc) macon said. It's the biggest secret society and is distributed worldwide. Freemasonry was originally only open to men, but nowadays there are also mixed and exclusive lodges female, although the latter two not officially recognized. Typical characteristics of Freemasonry are: practising the initiatory work and using a method based on symbolism, a religious attitude that supports and nourishes the above work, especially regarding the mystery of life itself, striving for betterment of mankind in all areas, defending freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and free speech striving for harmonious relations among all people by opposing views attempting to reconcile, the non-imposition of dogma to its members, Mason is working on himself, not to another.

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1935, Definitives 11v

SKU Parent: shn0332 國家: 宏都拉斯 年份: 1935 Nr. Michel: 332/42

1941, Historic persons 9v

SKU Parent: szw0377 國家: 瑞士 年份: 1941 Nr. Fsc: 24101 Nr. Scott: 270/8 Nr. Yvert: 358/6 Nr. Michel: 377/5

1942, Anti freemasonry exposition 4v

SKU Parent: ssc0058 國家: 塞爾維亞 年份: 1942 Nr. Yvert: 47/50 Nr. Michel: 58/61

1946, Victory 2v

SKU Parent: sen0231 國家: 英國 年份: 1946 Nr. Fsc: 24601 Nr. Yvert: 235/6 Nr. Michel: 231/2

1946, TANGIER, Victory 2v

SKU Parent: smrtan23 國家: 摩洛哥 年份: 1946 Nr. Fsc: 24604 Nr. Michel: TAN23/24

1967, Famous persons 2v

st francois de sales, albert camus

SKU Parent: sfr1588 國家: 法國 年份: 1967 Nr. Fsc: 26715 Nr. Scott: B406/07 Nr. Yvert: 1513/4 Nr. Michel: 1588/89

1970, Freemasonry 2v

SKU Parent: sdm0958 國家: 多明尼加 年份: 1970 Nr. Yvert: 690+A Nr. Michel: 958/59

1972, Freemasonry 4v

SKU Parent: shn0799 國家: 宏都拉斯 年份: 1972 Nr. Michel: 799/02

1973, Freemasonry 1v

SKU Parent: sbz1389 國家: 巴西 年份: 1973 Nr. Yvert: 1059 Nr. Michel: 1389

1973, Grand Orient loge 1v

grand orient de france

SKU Parent: sfr1830 國家: 法國 年份: 1973 Nr. Fsc: 27313 Nr. Scott: 1368 Nr. Yvert: 1756 Nr. Michel: 1830

1976, US independence 4v

SKU Parent: sba0405 國家: 巴貝多 年份: 1976 Nr. Yvert: 413/16 Nr. Michel: 405/08

1977, Grand Lodge 1v

SKU Parent: sbz1608 國家: 巴西 年份: 1977 Nr. Yvert: 1269 Nr. Michel: 1608

1978, Grande loge 1v

SKU Parent: slu0975 國家: 盧森堡 年份: 1978 Nr. Yvert: 922 Nr. Michel: 975

1982, Great Orient lodge 1v

SKU Parent: sbe2118 國家: 比利時 年份: 1982 Nr. Yvert: 2066 Nr. Michel: 2118 Nr. Stanley Gibbons: 2713

1983, Freemasonry 1v

SKU Parent: sdm1401 國家: 多明尼加 年份: 1983 Nr. Michel: 1401

1985, Freemasonry 3v

SKU Parent: sna0802 國家: 荷屬安地列斯 年份: 1985 Nr. Michel: 549/1 Nr. Ov: 802/4

1985, Mount Olive lodge 4v

SKU Parent: ssk0164 國家: 聖克里斯多福-尼維斯 年份: 1985 Nr. Yvert: 592/95 Nr. Michel: 164/67

1987, Famous persons 6v

SKU Parent: sgz1173 國家: 幾內亞 年份: 1987 Nr. Michel: 1173/78

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